by Beautify Junkyards
Out Now

The new album by Beautify JunkyardsCosmorama, is out today on LP, CD & Digital formats.

It’s a strange, rewarding album, rich with depth and texture.
There’s crepuscular gloom here, for sure, but also warmth and beauty.
Released in the freezing darkness of January, Cosmorama nevertheless looks forward to spring.


Beautify Junkyards have created a world of their own: lose yourself in it.

A wonderful record, one you will not soon forget as it takes its early place
among the best releases of 2021

The Big Takeover

Astonishing stuff.
We Are Cult

A song like “Cosmorama”, with its ornate folksiness, glistening with steel strings
is as lush as the sextet’s ever been; the glitchy electronics that introduce
“Reverie” immediately transport the song to other zones.


Beautify Junkyards ::: Reverie (produced by Maus da Fita, Season of the Witch Art & Beautify Junkyards)

With beautiful artwork by Julian House, the heavyweight vinyl LP comes with a
free download code card and the CD is packaged in an eight panel digipak.





by Beautify Junkyards
pre-orders open

Available to pre-order now and released on LP, CD & Digital on 15th January 2021…

The fourth album for the Lisbon based band and their second on Ghost Box following on from The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards in 2018. Cosmorama is a beautifully crafted and lavishly produced adventure into tropicalia tinged psychedelic dream pop. Like a hallucinogenic fusion of Os Mutantes and Broadcast. Music that’s deeply influenced by Portuguese and Brazilian vocal traditions; gauzy layers of male and female vocals shift dreamlike against a backdrop of masterly acoustic musicianship, complex percussion and haunted electronics making this album perfectly at home in the world of Ghost Box records.

Joining the band as writing and performing collaborators on Cosmorama are: Nina Miranda (of Smoke City fame) on vocals on the title track and on Reverie and Parangolé, Alison Bryce of NYC’s Lake Ruth on vocals on Deep Green and classical & contemporary harpist Eduardo Raon on A Garden by the Sea and The Fountain.

Artwork is by Ghost Box Records in house designer, Julian House. The LP version is on heavyweight vinyl, with full colour inner sleeve and a free download code card.


The Gone Away
by Belbury Poly
Out Now

The new album by Belbury PolyThe Gone Away, is out today on LP, CD & Digital formats.

…this haunting, immersive album that it feels like a nod to Ghost Box’s roots: where Jupp, working alone this time, is a channel for ancient, rustic strangeness, passed through the filter of some long-forgotten children’s TV series.
Electronic Sound

A confirmed champion of the eerie, Jupp makes The Gone Away a kosmische one-man show of rare charm: eeriness has rarely sounded this seductive.

A lovely album, both charming and oddly affecting.

For Belbury Poly aficionados ‘The Gone Away’ will already be essential listening, for the uninitiated it is a perfect starting point; all of Belbury’s personalities and reference points are here, presented in these beautiful vignettes.

The Gone Away is a portal too, it’s a place of wonder and imagination, where the magical can be real, and the laws of our universe no longer apply.
Cyclic Defrost

With gorgeous evocative artwork by Julian House, the LP version comes with a
free download code card and the CD is packaged in a beautiful six panel digipak.

“For us, the Gentle People have no longer a life common with our own.
They have gone beyond the grey hills. They dwell in far islands perhaps where
the rains of Heaven and the foam of the sea guard their fading secrecies.”
Fiona Macleod

The Winged Destiny

“…we shall only be delivered from our afflictions by sayings and doings
that are altogether irrational, paradoxical, and magical: the wild songs of
fairyland, sung to unearthly tones, are the only medicine for the heartache
and the headache of humanity.”
Arthur Machen

A Note on Ascetism (The Academy, 27th May, 1911)

Film by Sean Reynard (starring Quentin Smirhes).

Applied Music: Land & Sea
by Jon Brooks

Out now, Applied Music: Land & Sea is the third in a series of albums released digitally on Jon Brooks’ own Café Kaput label and given a vinyl incarnation in association with Belbury Music (a sub label of Ghost Box Records). Land & Sea is inspired by natural land and seascapes and by the golden age of electronic library music.

It comes on translucent aqua marine vinyl and includes a free download code card. The vinyl version is exclusive to the Belbury Music Shop, and the digital version on the Café Kaput Bandcamp page.

Jon Brooks (who also records for Ghost Box as The Advisory Circle) says…
“The thing that is absolutely central to all of the Applied Music series as it expands, is the notion of creating almost visual elements in music. Because they are ‘applied’ and functional in a sense, taking the themes and crystallising the visual elements is the root of the project. That dictates the sonic palate, far more than it being tied to a time period, for example.”

Also in the Belbury Music shop there are still a few copies of Jon Brooks‘ Applied Music: Science & Nature and the 10″ EP Broken Folk by Keith Seatman (with Douglas E Powell and Belbury Poly). Both are now at sale price.

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