The Apple Tree


The vibe is mannered psych-folk embellished with simmering electronics, recalling Super Furry Animals at their most reflective on “Patterns Somewhere”. here and there, meanwhile they abandon the song: the gorgeous “Luftglider”, in particular, imagining Klaus Schulze transported to a rural English idyll.

Louis Pattison

Someone’s needed to do an album like this for a long time. Electronic but also multi-instrumentally organic in the way that a hook-up between Popol Vuh or Ash Ra Tempel and acid-folk dons The Incredible String Band might be if both those acts were current; but then washed with a poised, contemporary sheen of interpretive, skilfully referenced analogue futurism.
Carl Griffin
Electronic Sound

…music that feels authentically organic. Brooks is a brilliant arranger of the telling sonic detail: the summery strum of ‘The Rituals Of Reversal’ exoticised by sitar and tabla; the glittering arpeggios and orchestral flourishes of From Leaving In Meaning’; the steam-powered, Heath Robinson-esque invention of ‘Electric Hintermass’. Hintermass cite the spiritually-inclined krautrock of Ashra and Popol Vuh as influences, but The Apple Tree is suffused with a quiet English mysticism.
Joe Banks

Ghost Box goes pop, you might say, with the caveat that its the British label’s own concept of pop; subtly disturbing and inconceivable without the influence of an ancestral retrofuturism. Hintermass is a very successful joint venture between Tim Felton (formerly Broadcast and Seeland), guitar and vocals, and Jon Brooks (aka The Advisory Circle)…Faithful to the line without being a prisoner.

Alessandro Besselva Averame
Rumore Magazine