Other Voices 09

Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club


If you are a fan of atmospheric electronica with a nostalgic sheen then the label Ghost Box will undoubtedly already be a firm favourite of yours. In recent years they have been responsible for some of the most evocative and beguiling music around. This month their Other Voices 7” series reaches volume 09 with a pair of playful, yet hazy tracks from label founder Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club. Each song contains warm basslines, spooky samples and gentle synth washes which seem to caress your very soul. The Music Room starts off with some strange twinkles before a fabulously elastic sounding bass enters the fray. From here, choral voices, an accordion, and a series of queer boings make for an all consuming four minute journey into fantastical worlds. Next up, Moonling uses a similar low-end pulse to pleasing effect, while adding ghostly laughter and a disquieting air to create a song which sounds a little like Selected Ambient Works II era Aphex Twin. As with most Ghost Box releases, Other Voices 09 showcases electronic music at its very best.

John Bittles
Kultur Magazin


Two eccentric British electronics guys (Jim Jupp and Ian Hodgson) do a single combining a classic BBC Radiophonic approach with techno and house touches in a way that manages to not swamp the boat. Deftly pleasant and strange in the most polite way, it’s hard to know what exactly to call this hybrid sound. But it’s darn catchy.

Byron Coley