Other Voices 05

Pye Corner Audio with Belbury Poly


There is something of a cold wave, dark synth revival afoot here, as if the Ghost Box aesthetic has expanded beyond spooky public information films full of roll necks and bowl cuts to something involving sharper cheekbones and haircuts. Their palette seems to shift from faded film oranges and browns to black. The label hinted at this direction earlier, with 2013’s “Empty Avenues”, an elegiac collaboration between Ghost Box supergroup The Belbury Circle and John Foxx. This EP owes a lot to early Mute, Pye Corner Audio’s “Machines Are Obsolete” rides a baseline and rhythm track that could have been imagined by Fad Gadget. “Pathways”, their collaboration with Belbury Poly, opens with a synth cascade out of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s BGM album, before breaking into a clappy rhythm and synth horns. These days, 1979-81 is another ghostly, long-missed world.
Byron Coley