In a Moment… Ghost Box


…a supremely listenable collection full of ravishing musicality.
Rob Young

…what’s most impressive about this collection is the aesthetic consistency and sheer quality of the material, recalling the heydays of labels such as Factory, 4AD and Warp… If you haven’t ventured inside the world of Ghost Box before, this is an excellent entry point.
Joe Banks

…clear that the label is alive and in good shape as it heads into its tenth year.
Rob Turner

These woozy, atmospheric curios, almost supernatural in feel, are like the soundtrack to a fragmented, surreal dream from your childhood… more than enough interesting hauntological weirdness and “out there” ideas in these potent, strangely alluring temporal delusions to extend beyond the label’s cultish appeal, and attract curious newcomers to its wonderfully quixotic, visionary canon.
Velimir Ilic
Electronic Sound