From Out Here
The Advisory Circle


More deliciously downbeat analog instrumentals in which TAC’s Jon Brooks conjures up a mood of eerie counter-factual sci-fi dread for a parallel 70s Britain of military coups, Post Office mind-control and communist exercise videos.
Andrew Male

From Out Here, in time-honoured Ghost Box form, is spiked with eerie disquiet. Electronic suites like “Vibrations and Waves” are Boards Of Canada style meldings of the cosmic and the rustic.
Louis Pattison

With their time-shifting transmitters and lost-world logo-tones, The Advisory Circle have always represented the purest expression of the Ghost Box sound… Fascinating stuff.
Christopher Budd

Imitators and lesser practitioners now abound in this expanding world, and it’s no longer enough for anyone to simply stitch together the familiar tropes to merit attention. Brooks, though, stands out by dint of a nimble melodic touch, compositional sophistication and a broader historical frame of references. This makes From Out Here both satisfying and hard to pin down.
Mark Brend
Record Collector

From Out Here is another beautifully crafted voyage into electronic music’s substrata. In the hands of artists such as The Advisory Circle, the past continues to stretch off into a multitude of futures.
Joe Banks

The latest album from Jon Brooks under his The Advisory Circle guise is his best yet. I feel confident in saying this, not only because it’s already received universal praise from others but because there’s something in ‘From Out Here’ that goes further than before.
Kevin Foakes
DJ Food Blog