For a while now Shindig magazine has been a big seller in the Belbury Newsagents, so excitement here is rather high as this month editor, Jon “Mojo” Mills has the vision and generosity to open the broad doors of  his psychedelic church to Broadcast, Ghost Box and a wealth of influences that feed into their worlds.
Thomas Patterson interviews James Cargill for an astounding and sensitive feature on Broadcast, illustrated by Julian House.  Occasional Belbury Poly plank spanker, Christopher Budd talks to Messrs Jupp and House for a profile of Ghost Box Records. There’s a a history of The Children’s Film foundation and a fantastic primer on the world of the Italian giallo film illustrated with another great piece of House artwork. As if that weren’t enough  there’s a profile of the ISB’s Mike Heron, Mark Brend on White Noise and a piece on new ager’s Emerald Web in the run up to a Finders Keepers compilation.
Its hard to imagine any other publication that will be of more interest to members of this Parish right now, so get yours here or at these stockists.


Last year Jon Brooks of The Advisory Circle took a break from his native Ghost Box  to record an album called Shapwick for Clay Pipe Records. Clay Pipe is a marvellously inventive boutique label run by Frances Castle, who specialises in beautifully hand made limited edition CDs.


Shapwick sold out of its first run of 110 overnight, so if you missed out the first time round, now is your chance to get it again, not the handmade CD unfortunately but this time its on Vinyl (with a free download code inside) and its in the Ghost Box shop right now. Once again though its only a limited edition.

Shapwick was inspired by a night drive through the countryside of England’s West Country and is in similar territory to the Advisory Circle’s melodic and melancholy, rustic electronics but taking in more elements of acoustic instrumentation and found sound. A perfectly self contained mood piece and as elegantly produced as any Brooks project.

UPDATE: This sold out in a matter of days again ! Clay Pipe tell us there may be another edition at some point – we’ll let you know. 

The Twilight Language of Nigel Kneale

Last November in New York, author and journalist, Sukhdev Sandhu curated an event on science fiction screen-writer and author of Quatermass, Nigel Kneale. The Twilight Language of Nigel Kneale is a limited edition book to commemorate the event.
Its beautifully designed by Rob Carmichael and the first batch come with a music compilation on cassette titled, Restligeists.

The book and cassette feature some of our own parishioners many names that will be familiar to regular readers of the Parish Magazine…
contributions by a wide range of musicians, artists, curators and cultural theorists including Sophia Al-Maria, Bilge Ebiri, Mark Fisher, Will Fowler, Ken Hollings, Paolo Javier, Roger Luckhurst, China Mieville, Drew Mulholland, David Pike, Mark Pilkington, Joanna Ruocco, Dave Tompkins, Michael Vazquez, and Evan Calder Williams. Initial copies will come with RESTLIGEISTS, a tape of specially-recorded Knealiana by The Asterism & Xylitol, Emma Hammond & Robin The Fog, Hong Kong In The 60s, Listening Center, Mordant Music, and The Real Tuesday Weld.
It really is a beautiful and fascinating piece of work  and its available in the UK from our friends at Strange Attractor. For sales in the rest of the world please write to
1 2 39 40 41 42 43