As part of the London Short Film Festival in January, London’s ICA will be screening a selection of Julian House’s films for Ghost Box Records. Its a compilation of various short films, animations idents and promos made over the last ten years for various gallery events and Ghost Box’s occasional live event, The Belbury Youth Club

After the screening there’ll be a Q&A with Julian House lead by Bob Stanley (member of Saint Etienne and author of Yeah, Yeah, Yeah). This will be followed by DJ-ing in the ICA bar by Ghost Box and Mr. Stanley, accompanied by more projections and slides until late in the evening.

The screening is at 18:30 in ICA Cinema 1 on Saturday 18th January
Tickets £10.00 (£8.00 concs.) available here .

Here’s what the festival say:

Julian House’s video for the label is a peculiar mélange of children’s television, 1960s underground animation and evolving op-art mandalas. Using a combination of new digital and old analogue techniques they conjure a world where TV station indents become occult messages and films for schools are exercises in mind control and collective hallucination.

Ghost Box will be screening two film pieces with music and sound by various Ghost Box artists in collaboration with the group Broadcast, these are bookended by a collection short idents, animations and music promos.



As part of their GOTHIC season of classic horror cinema, the BFI in London will be hosting an evening called Vault: Music for Silent Gothic Treasures on Saturday, December 14th. Its a selection of silent films with live and newly commissioned soundtracks and its curated by Spacedog’s Sarah Angliss.
Heading the bill will be Spacedog with a performance of a new soundtrack to the 1928 film of The Fall of the House of Usher. As well as the full live band the Spacedog crew will be accompanied by the usual group of rag tag robots and automata. Also of note to members of our parish will be a newly commissioned recorded soundtrack to the 1928 film, The Black Pearl from our very own Advisory Circle .
There’ll also be new work from Exotic Pylon’s Time Attendant  on tabletop electronics and extemporisations from Bela Emerson, a soloist who works with cello and electronics.
Its selling quickly and tickets are available here.
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