The Gone Away
by Belbury Poly
pre-orders open

Pre-order now in the Ghost Box shop. Released on LP, CD & Digital on 28th August.

Inspired by far-fetched fairy folklore, The Gone Away is the new album by Belbury Poly, the recording name of Ghost Box Records co-founder Jim Jupp. Vintage electronics, music room instrumentation and polyrhythmic sequences conjure up folk-ish, kosmiche melodies.

Evocative and unsettlingly familiar, it sets a darker and more serene tone than the last full-length album, New Ways Out. Belbury Poly’s sound palette is still in evidence however; mellow analogue synths, rustic pipes and rusty strings. Gone are the usual supporting session musicians, with Jupp performing all parts himself. The album came together slowly over the course of three years while Jupp collaborated on various side projects and was finally completed a few days before the global lockdown commenced.

On digital, CD and heavyweight vinyl LP. Beautiful artwork is by Julian House and the LP version comes with a free download code card.

The Advisory Circle
Ways of Seeing gold vinyl.

The Advisory Circle‘s 2018 album Ways of Seeing is available now, in a new gold vinyl pressing manufactured in conjunction with The state51 Conspiracy.

You can order it now from the Ghost Box Shop and it will start to appear in other stores over the next week.

Please note this version doesn’t come with a download code card but customers that buy it from the Ghost Box shop will get a free download with their order.

Intermission Compilation
Out Now

The Advisory Circle, Beautify Junkyards, Belbury Poly, The Focus Group, The Hardy Tree, Justin Hopper, Sharron Kraus, Plone, Pye Corner Audio, ToiToiToi, Roj

‘Intermission’ stands as testament to Jupp and House’s musical and cultural curiosity. Always the most forward-thinking of retro obsessives, they have ensured that Ghost Box’s output, in the label’s 17th year, sounds as fresh and exciting as ever.
Electronic Sound

…like everything on Ghost Box it all is infused with an often quite explicit link to the past. It feels equal parts escapist and reassuring – particularly at the moment. There’s a real joy in just submerging yourself in the nostalgic bliss. Who cares if its your nostalgia or not?
Cyclic Defrost

A digital compilation of entirely new work from regular members of the Ghost Box roster and some special guests. It combines preview tracks from forthcoming releases and material especially recorded for the compilation during the global lockdown. Ghost Box releases never have much to say about quotidian reality but these responses to the situation have seeped through from the Intermission in the universe next door.

The version available here in the Ghost Box shop has a slight variation to the artwork and  the proceeds will go to Médecins Sans Frontières. The choice is yours, you can either support a charity by buying right here in the Ghost Box shop or supporting the musicians via your prefered commercial downloads and streams.

Available now (although… this has been fast tracked so it may not be available today  in all download stores, if not it’s on the way in a day or two).

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