Large Plants Live Session
at The state51 Factory

Large Plants live session at the state51 Factory. Filmed by Beatriz Sa with visuals & art direction by Ghost Box’s Julian House and sound by Harri Chambers.
The new album The Carrier is out on 22nd April. PRE-ORDER NOW


See Large Plants live in London as part of the Le Beat Bespoke Festival at Oslo in Hackney on the 17th April and on 5th May at The Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell. Contact largeplantsband @ gmail .com to book the band.


The Carrier by Large Plants
Pre-orders Open

Pre-orders are open now for The Carrier by Large Plants.

Released on 22nd April on LP, CD and all digital channels. Designed by Julian House, the heavyweight vinyl LP version comes with full colour inner sleeve and free download card.

It follows on from the band’s hugely successful debut single, La Isla Bonita in December of last year (Shindig magazine’s Single of the Year). Ten psych rock belters are filtered through a haze of tape flutter and lent a distinct folk sensibility by Jack Sharp’s delicate and distant voice; like the smell of winter mornings and fresh soil blended with the whiff of petrol.

The Carrier is a succinct distillation of folk-rock magnificence.

The Carrier an impressive package all round, and one that could easily end up on a few Album of the Year lists.


More Test Pressings for Auction
in aid of the DEC Ukraine Appeal

We have another round of test pressings for auction to raise money for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

This time we have Sceance at Hobs Lane by Mount Vernon Arts Lab, The Belbury Tales by Belbury Poly, Mind How You Go and As the Crow Flies by The Advisory Circle

UPDATE 31/3/22: we’d like to thank all those who made bids (succesfully or otherwise) in our test press auctions. Thanks to your generosity we raised over £1000.

New Belbury Music LPs by
The Pattern Forms and Luminous Foundation
Out on March 16th

There are two new albums out now on Ghost Box’s sister label, Belbury Music .

The Scenic Route is the second album for The Pattern Forms since their 2016 Ghost Box records release, Peel Away the Ivy. This time they’ve crafted ten beautiful instrumentals that focus in on their love of a particular kind of soulful 1980s library music. The Pattern Forms is comprised of Ed Macfarlane and Edd Gibson of Friendly Fires together with composer and producer Cate Brooks of The Advisory Circle. Also featruing throughout is harpist Tom Monger (Florence and The Machine).

The LP comes on crystal clear vinyl with free download code inside. Artwork is by Trunk Record’s regular designer Paul Flack. It’s available exclusively online in the Belbury Music.

Luminous Foundation’s Haig Fras is a semi-melodic, shimmering drift inspired by the geology and biology of a sub aquatic mountain range of the same name off the Cornish coast. Luminous Foundation is a collaboration between Neil Mortimer of Urthona and Mark Pilkington of Teleplasmiste (and founder of Strange Attractor Press).

The LP comes on translucent green vinyl with free download code inside. It’s available exclusively online from the Belbury Music.  PLEASE NOTE: As this is a limited run from a very small press, a few LPs will be so-called “transition copies” where the dye is not fully mixed. So you may be lucky enough to receive a very rare pale green vinyl LP.


Ghost Box Test Press Auction
in Aid of The DEC Ukraine Appeal

We are auctioning some test presses from the Ghost Box Archives to raise money for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Sketches and Spells by The Focus Group

The Willows by Belbury Poly

Other Channels by The Advisory Circle

Empty Avenues by John Foxx and The Belbury Circle

The Carrier by Large Plants

A Letter from TreeTops by Pneumatic Tubes

Entangled Routes by Pye Corner Audio 1

Entangled Routes by Pye Corner Audio 2

Ways of Seeing by The Advisory Circle

The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards by Beautify Junkyards 

And more to come soon.

UPDATE 31/3/22: we’d like to thank all those who made bids (succesfully or otherwise) in our test press auctions. Thanks to your generosity we raised over £1000.

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