ToiToiToi – Im Hag
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The new album by ToiToiToi, Im Hag is due for release on 12th May. You can pre-order it  in our shop now on Vinyl, CD or download.

Im Hag is the debut Ghost Box album for Berlin based Sebastian Counts’ ToiToiToi, following on from his single for our Other Voices series in 2015. It’s very detailed and lovingly produced music, crafted from electronic, synth, sampled and acoustic sources. Its a wunderkammer of an album crammed with original ideas. All at once managing to be witty, spooky, melodic and abstract.

The music and design explores the polarities of folklore vs modernity, and wilderness vs civilization. It’s an album about German culture but it pre-empts a nostalgia for the vanishing concept of internationalism, once exemplified by town twinning. It’s also a warm-hearted record, hopefully a tiny  morale booster against Europe’s resurgent spectres. Counts’ is painfully aware of the way that folk tradition in his country is something of a poisoned well and had this to say about the album on his “Lo-Fi Longings” blog…

“When it comes to tradition, heritage etc. things get difficult over here and with finding an alternative way of dealing with german folk and culture by also emphasising its’ psychedelic elements and calling the kindred spirits of other cultures for support, I always felt like being in a minority of one. The more grateful I am now to have found a safe harbour in the imaginary world of Ghost Box and to be able to contribute my very own continental perspective.”

As always the beautiful CD and LP packaging is designed by Julian House. The 180gm LP includes a free download card.