Sky TV

The Black Mill Video
by Pye Corner Audio (writer: Martin Jenkins)

Lodge 49
Season 1

Amazon TV

Golden Apples of the Sun
by Beautify Junkyards (writers: Kyron, Espvall, Moreira, Vian, Watts, Sergue)

Pilgrim’s Path
by Belbury Poly (writer: Jim Jupp)

Boiling Point and Low Light
by Soundcarriers (writers: Adam Cann, Paul Isherwood)

The Humorist


by Listening Center (writer: David K Mason)

The Syndrome

Reset Films

Into The Maze, Theme Number Eight, Deep End and Nostalgia Pills by Pye Corner Audio (writer: Martin Jenkins)

Horizon Milk “Grow the Kids” ad campaign

Fallon Group

Now Then
by Belbury Poly (writer: Jim Jupp)

Berberian Sound Studio

Warp Films

Trance & Bilocation
by Roj (writer: Richard Stevens)

Chloé “Ready to Wear 2015-16” campaign


Low Light
by Soundcarriers (writers: Adam Cann, Paul Isherwood)

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle 3

Comedy Central

Now Ends the Beginning
by The Advisory Circle (writer: Jon Brooks)

Shining Stone
by The Focus Group (writer: Julian House)


Licensing from Belbury Music

If you’d like to use music from Ghost Box Records and /or Belbury Music Publishing in a film, TV production, advertisement, video game or other media format please email us. Provide us with as much information as possible to give us an idea of the scope of the project. Particularly in regard to distribution, broadcast channels, territories and time periods.

Ghost Box Records and The Belbury Music Catalogue

Together with our sub-publisher The state51 Conspiracy. Belbury Music publishes most of the back catalogue of Ghost Box Records, and Ghost Box Records holds most of the masters rights. We can negotiate and license both sides and/or put you in touch with relevant rights holders where necessary. Our artists include:

The Advisory Circle
Belbury Poly
Pye Corner Audio
The Focus Group
Beautify Junkyards
Mount Vernon Arts Lab
The Belbury Circle

You can hear the entire Ghost Box Records back catalogue on our Spotify Playlist

Music Compilations

For permission to use music in a compilation, please email us your proposal with as much information as possible regarding contract terms, advances, payment schedules, physical quantities, territories and distribution channels.

Suggestions and Commissioned Music

Belbury Music will be happy to suggest works from our catalogue that might fit a particular brief, and some of our song writers will undertake commercial commissions. Please email us if you have a brief that you think we might be able to fill.