The Soundcarriers

The Soundcarriers switched on sounds are filmic, fantastic and authentically psychedelic. Right at the boiling point of Ghost Box’s eternal now sound. The show is about to start. We’re live in five, four, three…

The rock solid rhythm and bass of songwriters, Adam Cann and Paul Isherwood provide a jazz inflected, motorik groove for Dorian Conway’s guitar and the whirling keys and sunshine voice of Leonore Wheatley. The Soundcarriers have a  highly distinctive production sound, clearly rooted in the past, but uniquely infused with an otherworldly, woozy, fuzzed-out glow.


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“…the group lock into a groove with something that The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Ennio Morricone and Can may have cooked up together.”
Record Collector

“…the soundtrack to a spiked cocktail night out in the composite European capital city of the collective subconscious.”
Sunday Times

“The compressed click bass of Melody Nelson-era Serge Gainsbourg, The Free Design’s ethereal vocal constructions, Tropicalia’s sun-kissed lunacy and Ennio Morricone’s peerless soundtracks to Theorem, Le Foto Proibite di una Signora Per Bene and countless other late ‘60s / early ‘70s Euro flicks all leap to mind, shot through as always with a heavy dose of rhythm-based motorik. In short, these guys are a crate digger’s dream made flesh.”