The Pattern Forms

The Pattern Forms to reveal a dramatic and heart achingly melancholic pop sound that branches and winds out of the ancient root stock of the Ghost Box world.

A dream pairing of Ed MacFarlane and Ed Gibson of Friendly Fires with Jon Brooks of The Advisory Circle. Its a logical progression for the label’s sound world that melds a contemporary sheen of dramatic, blissful pop with more exploratory electronics. Its roots lie in the artists’ shared love of soundtracks and electronic library music of the 70s and 80s.


Peel The Ivy Away
LP, CD & Download

Other Voices 03
7″ Single & Download

“… songs so lovely, a floating flock of diaphanous electronic songbirds, that it feels like being seduced. The melodies and atmosphere of late afternoon sunshine slowly gathers you to its warm beating heart where, it turns out, you would rather like to stay… Gorgeous.”
Electronic Sound

“…flickers between Talk Talk and Boards Of Canada. The ancient meets the modern, heading out of the city and over the Downs”