The Focus Group

Here come The Focus Group, stitching together a psychedelic patchwork quilt of bells, toys and fragmented melodies. Offering us a varied program of musical activities for educational and ritual use.

The Focus Group is the work of Ghost Box co-founder Julian House, whose work as a graphic designer has graced sleeve art by Broadcast, Stereolab, Oasis, Primal Scream, Can and many others. House’s music reflects his collaged design work, it’s woven together from fragments of electronics, heavily processed samples and exotic instrumentation. It’s an uncanny and atmospheric sound that invokes memories of British psychedelia, Italian Horror movies and eastern European animation.


Stop-Motion Happening
LP, CD & Download

The Elektrik Karousel
LP, CD & Download

Study Series 04
7″ Single & Download

We are all Pan’s People
CD & Download

Hey Let Loose Your Love
CD & Download

Sketches and Spells
LP, CD & Download

“…this is an archaeology of emotion, a philosophically motivated exploration of the power of not just one’s childhood memories, but of the collective unconscious.”
The Wire

“…a simultaneously playful and unsettling electronic psychedelia that’s distinctly Ghost Box and richly rewarding.”
Record Collector

“…the spirit of a certain experimental, baroque psychedelia is alive in every one of these tunes.”
The Quietus

“By turns haunting, hypnotic, beguiling and startling, it conjures up dim memories of nightmarish Eastern European cartoons melded to Delia Derbyshire’s experiments and the music box themes to old kids’ shows”

“…we need more of this sort of thing. The problem is nobody, absolutely nobody, does this sort of thing other than Julian House. He really is on his own out there.”
Electronic Sound