Psyched out academic electronics from elsewhere. Roj deploys the tools of tape, percussion and electronics to explore new territories in psychology and alternate modes of consciousness.

Roj’s electronic psychedelic tone paintings are laboriously and painstakingly crafted with a battery of exotic percussion, analogue electronics, and tape. Highly original electronic music that seems to channel elements of Bruce Haack, Angus Maclise, Daphne Oram and Roj’s former band, Broadcast.


The Transactional Dharma of Roj
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“…transforms vintage meditational Library Music into an aural Wonderland of mysterious Germanic voices, glinting ambience and atavistic rhythm science.”

“Roj excels at creating little musical ecologies in which no element, whether bubbles of analogue bass, or tape-delayed xylophone or wood block, ever clicks into neat overlaps, yet everything coalesces nonetheless into coherent wholes.”

“…typical of a roster whose hallmark is the re-conceptualisation of past echoes, seeking to transform them into blurry mythical tapestries of a fantastical, though failed, future. The Transactional Dharma is populated by burbling electronics and bizarre sonic tributaries.”
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