Pye Corner Audio

Pye Corner Audio’s submerged rhythms and ectoplasmic electronics haunt the disused dance halls and concrete derelicts of Belbury.

It’s possible to detect echoes of John Carpenter, Italo-horror soundtracks and a kind of post rave meltdown in Martin Jenkins’ submerged disco and spectral electronics. Consummate producer and live performer, this artist has expanded Ghost Box’s imaginary parallel past into an alternative future of concrete and ghosts.


Hollow Earth
LP, CD & Download

LP, CD & Download

Other Voices 05
7″ Single & Download

Study Series 09
7″ Single & Download

Sleep Games
LP, CD & Download

Study Series 07
7″ Single & Download

“…woozy synth reveries. Like the kind of memory-sprites often evoked by Ghost Box releases, this is music that continually slips away from you even as you chase down its essence.”

“Rather than make up his own movies, Jenkins is happy to play the movies that are already running in our heads – and we are happy to let him do it. Every track shows the confidence of someone who knows exactly which buttons to push and when.”
The Wire

“…could be the long-awaited high-five between Vangelis and Boards of Canada.”
Drowned in Sound

“… the Head Technician has an apparent knack for beats and melodies that stick with you, pairing his obvious early electronic music obsession with a fondness for the sleaze of the decade or three that came after… it’s profoundly addictive—a creaky cabin in the woods you’ll want to become a permanent resident of.”
Resident Advisor