Belbury Poly

The music of Belbury Poly is, by turns joyous, naive or shot through with terror and supernatural wonder. Parallel world TV soundtracks and nostalgia for an imaginary past.

The band of Ghost Box co-founder Jim Jupp,  supported by a loose ensemble of session musicians. Melding hints of folk, krautrock, psychedelic rock and library music. On the one hand it’s escapist mood music, but there’s also an eerie sense that the sounds are bleeding through from a strangely familiar otherworld.


Other Voices 10 
7″ Single & Download

Other Voices 09 
7″ Single & Download

New Ways Out
LP, CD & Download

Other Voices 05
7″ Single & Download

Study Series 10
7″ Single & Download

Study Series 08
7″ Single & Download

The Belbury Tales
LP, CD & Download

Farmer’s Angle (Rev Ed)
10″ EP, CD & Download

Study Series 03
7″ Single & Download

Study Series 01
7″ Single & Download

From an Ancient Star
CD & Download

The Owl’s Map
LP, CD & Download

The Willows
LP, CD & Download

Farmer’s Angle
3″CD & Download

“…electronica rarely comes as intriguing and atmospheric and laden with weirdly unshakable tunes.”
The Guardian

“…a turning point for modern electronica: inventiveness pushing right up against the boundaries, made accessible through a door left ajar to memories.”
Record Collector

“Transporting you to those especially daft places only Belbury Poly can – Tizer-fuelled 70s youth club discos with side-rooms for Ouija boards, say.”
Electronic Sound

“…an innocent Anglo Saxon eccentricity, channeled through a panoply of vintage analogue equipment. The result is mesmerizing.”
Flux Magazine