Beautify Junkyards

The group blends a love of English Acid Folk and Brazilian Tropicalia in beautiful songs that conjure up a warm and verdant faerie world. Delicate acoustic guitars evocative of both autumnal England and tropical heat are layered with other-worldly voices and haunted electronics.

Beautify Junkyards are a highly talented group of multi-instrumentalists headed up by João Branco Kyron on vocals and keyboards, Helena Espvall (formerly of Espers) on cello, flute and electric guitar, Martinez on vocals, João Moreira on acoustic guitar and keyboards, Sergue Ra on bass and Antonio Watts on drums & percussion.


Painting Box
7″ Single & Download

LP, CD & Download

The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards
LP, CD & Download

Other Voices 08
7″ Single & Download

"...the Lisbon collective strike up a woozy amalgam of esoteric English psych-folk and Brazilian tropicalia. There’s also tinges, of kosmische and an underlying hauntological vibe (this is Ghost Box, remember) adding an eerie, dystopian edge.
It’s splendid stuff."
Electronic Sound

“The electro-acoustic sextet weave their dreamy, psych-folk … There are deeply-embedded, ethereal vocals, softly strummed and artfully plucked acoustic guitars and just a hint of percussion”

"...a beautifully-packaged helping of 21st century acid-folk at its headiest."
Record Collector

"Deep in the woods glows a masterpiece from Beautify Junkyards."
Prog Magazine

"Effortlessly blending English acid folk and Brazilian tropicalia, you may find yourself transported to another world via this sparkling new release... Brava!"
The Big Takeover

“Lisbon’s Beautify Junkyards long ago established themselves firmly in the firmament of bands that feel incapable of taking a wrong step”

“…gorgeous sunset melt of plucks and swirling synths made for sliding off the remains of the day.”
Raven Sings the Blues