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Ghost Box is not currently listed in searches under Google. If you visit the website this way rest assured that things are up and running as usual, and you’ll still find the site over at:

It seems likely that by pure bad luck we were indexed on the very day the site went down last month. We’re doing all we can to get this fixed, so meanwhile don’t be fooled into buying any dodgy spook hunting hardware.

no official exisitence

Far more interesting news from Jon Brooks of the Advisory Circle. He’ll be giving the us the benefit of his wisdom on all sorts of subjects at his new blog, Cafe Kaput.

Belbury Youth Club Night comes to Birmingham

The next Belbury Youth Club Night will be held at Vivid in Birmingham on Sunday 28th March as part of the Flatpack festival.

There’ll be a mixed schedule of public information films, haunted old TV programmes, and a new version of Julian House’s short film Winter Sun Wavelength with a  soundtrack by the Focus Group & Belbury Poly and an exhibition of some of Julian House’s artwork for Ghost Box. 

Then at around 8 o’clock it’ll be shoes off and chairs away for a live performance from our special guest Moon Wiring Club,  followed by music, movement and more films from the Ghost Box DJs.
5pm until late, £7.00. Tickets will be available from flatpack at the end of February

Transdimensional Manmade Fibres

(thanks AM)

Mind How You Go (Revised Edition) – available for pre-order now

If you pre-order the vinyl LP you’ll get a free download version of the album, (which you’ll be able to get a couple of days before the release date). You can listen to some audio clips here .

Ghost Box is a record label for a group of artists exploring the misremembered musical history of a parallel world.

“Buying one of its releases feels like stepping into another world” The Guardian

“...what's most impressive about Ghost Box is the aesthetic consistency and sheer quality of the material, recalling the heydays of labels such as Factory, 4AD and Warp.” Quietus

“...some of the most delightful electronica to arise in Britain since Aphex Twin, the Black Dog and Global Communication.” The Sunday Times


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