ToiToiToi* exist at the borderlands of Central European folklore. Making unique music, crammed, wunderkammer-like, with found sound objects, delightful melodies and amusing juxtapositions. Exploring the polarities of tradition vs modernity, and wilderness vs civilization, it’s a sound that manages to be all at once spooky, funny, melodic and abstract.

ToiToiToi is the work of Sebastian Counts, a well-respected Berlin based conceptual artist.  Carefully coaxed and sculpted from electronic, acoustic and sampled sources, his inventive, detailed electronica is witty and evocative.  It draws inspiration from folktales, forgotten European TV titles and outdated ethnographic & travel documentaries.

* As German speakers and opera enthusiasts will know, “toi toi toi” (pronounced “toy toy toy”) is a traditional wish of good luck, equivalent to “break a leg”.


Im Hag
LP, CD & Download

Other Voices 07
7″ Single & Download